Public Records Found on your Credit Report

Your credit report is definitely something that every person wants to cherish as much as possible. If you get a low credit score, you will have to deal with more problems in the future, especially when you are looking for a car or a mortgage loan. Well, majority of the people around the globe have credit scores that are below average, but still, having a good credit score is a target for many.

When you asked for a credit report, there are public records that are usually found there. Basically, these public records are always related to financial matters that may affect your credit score as a whole. If you want to have an idea on the different types of public records that can be found on your credit report, here is a small list that you can check.


Well, if you filed bankruptcy in the past, whether it is Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy, your court records will always be included on the credit report. You file for bankruptcy if you do not have the capacity to pay for the debts that you already have. This kind of public record will be included on your credit report because filing bankruptcy will have a direct effect on your credit score.

Filing bankruptcy does not mean that you debts are paid. You are not required to pay them, but it is the same as not paying them, which is not a good record for your credit score. Your score will surely soar down because of this. Any update on your credit report will be automatically updated in your credit report.

Tax Lien

Tax lien will also be seen in your credit report and it is always associated to the failure in paying your taxes. This is a serious problem because not paying your taxes properly in the government will surely have a direct hit to your credit score. You can skip payments on loans, but not on taxes and any other financial responsibilities that you have for the government.

However, even if you have unpaid tax, it will only remain on your credit report for up to 10 years from the filing date. You should also remember that a paid tax lien will only be deleted 7 years from the date it is paid.

Civil Judgments

This is also a debt, but this is quite different from the other two. This is a debt that you owe to the court because of a lawsuit filed against you. If you failed to pay the lawsuits filed to you, it will be seen in your credit reports in the form of civil judgments.

However, once a civil judgment is paid, it will be updated automatically on your credit score and it will indicate that you paid it already.

If you think that the information on your credit reports related to your public records are incorrect, you can always fix it and ask the credit reporting companies to handle the errors and improve your credit score.

How Do Prank Callers Get your Mobile Phone Number?

Do you have any idea how prank callers are getting your numbers? This is the most common question asked to people who are always dealing with prank callers on a regular basis. These kinds of people are everywhere and anyone can be a victim. You can say that some of them got your number by making different combinations of numbers, but it is not the only method on how they perform their illegal activities.

We will give you some of the most important information on how these people are getting your numbers to help you protect your privacy.

Social Media Networks

Believe it or not, these people might be getting your numbers on social media networks. When you register on these websites, there are times when they will ask you to put your personal information. If you put your mobile phone number on the website and it can be viewed by the public, it means that your number will be up for grabs to all the people who are using that network. If you don’t want these people from making calls or texts on your phone, don’t include your mobile phone when you are updating your social media accounts.

Signing Up on Different Websites

This is different from social media networks because these are websites who are usually asking for your mobile phone number in exchange for something that you want. Let’s say you are looking for coupons for a certain product. Some websites will offer it to you, but they will require you to put your mobile phone number first before you avail the coupons. This is one of the methods on how other people get a hold of your mobile phone number.

Letting Other People Use your Phone

This is very normal for teenagers and even for adults. They share their phone to other people, especially when they are borrowing it. Even if you only let them borrow it for a few minutes, there is a possibility that they will try to check your phone number and memorize them. You won’t even know that the one texting you is someone that you know. Don’t let other people access your phone because it is your private property.

Giving your Number to People you Don’t Know

Out of courtesy, some people give out their numbers to people they don’t know. It may seem like a kind thing to do, but the truth is that you are only allowing them to have access on your personal space. If you don’t know them and you are not planning to know who they are, it is better if you will not give out your phone numbers because there is a possibility that they will give the number to other people as well.

Always remember that your privacy is the most important thing to consider and if you are not aware on how they are getting your phone number, you will be susceptible to prank calls and threats. Make sure that you are aware of these methods and never give out your mobile phone number to people you don’t know.

Common Public Record Problems Faced by Citizens

Public records are extremely important and they are usually considered as primary requirements when you are applying for a job, traveling or working abroad and more. These records can be accessed publicly and you can even ask for a copy of your own record.

This is also the reason why a lot of people are having troubles with their public records. Below are some of the most common problems faced by citizens that are related to their public records.

Errors on your Birth Certificate

This is probably one of the most delicate and complicated problems when you are dealing with your birth certificate. This is the proof about your roots and origin so if you think that there are any errors on this document, you will have to go through a long process to make sure that it is corrected.

There are times when there will be a hearing in the court just to prove that the birth certificate is incorrect. During the process of changing the errors on your birth certificate, you will need supporting documents to help you including the birth certificate of your parents and siblings and more.

Missing Records

This is a very rare case, but some people experienced this kind of problem, especially if the record section in the past was damaged. As you all know, most of the files in the past are only written and they are kept as documents. There are instances where natural calamities or accidents can damage these documents and they will be erased from the records.

The records are transferred to the computers, but if your record was damaged even before they are transferred, it means that it is missing. This is very delicate because they will have to create a new record for you. You will have to provide them all of the necessary information that they need and all the documents to support your claims.

Inconsistencies on the Documents

It usually happens on criminal records because people with the same name and surname are inevitable. There are times when the criminal case of the other will be transferred to you accidentally. If you feel that there is a mistake on your criminal records, you should let the authorities know about it because they have other records to support the claim. If you don’t really have a criminal record, you can just tell it to them and they will change it for you.

Accessing your Public Documents

Another problem is that most people don’t know where they can access their public records. It is not a problem because you can always ask online or you can always ask your friends and relatives on where you can access them.

You have to remember that these problems might be simple or complicated, but you need to deal with them accordingly. If you have errors on your documents, you need to correct them as soon as possible because it will be a bigger problem in the future. Always pay attention to smaller details if you don’t want to trouble yourself.

3 Common Mistakes When Searching for Someone

Locating people has always been a concern for many years and as you all know, there have been a lot of ways to do this. The only problem is that despite the different approaches that you can do to find a person, some people are still failing to do it. Actually, you can do the search on your own, but most of the time, you end up finding the wrong people.

This kind of problem is very common, but it is not supposed to happen like this. Searching for people nowadays has been extremely easy because of the Internet and social media networks. If you failed to find them, it means that the problem is related to how you are searching.

If you are having troubles in searching for a person, here are some of the most common mistakes of people and the reasons why they fail to search for the person that they are looking for.

Wrong Information Can Affect your Search

You have to remember that when you are searching for someone, you need to make sure that the information that you are using is correct. If you only know their surname or you know their mobile phone number, you have to make sure that these inputs are correct because you can get a different result if you made a mistake.

Basically, it is the same as searching for a pillow when you are actually looking for a blanket. Your inputs must always be accurate because you cannot obtain an accurate result if what you are searching is incorrect.

Searching on a Fake Platform

If you are searching on the Internet and you are not getting the right results that you are looking for, it is possible that the platform that you are using is not really legitimate. You can always use search engines, reverse phone lookup and social media networks to look for someone, but other methods that requires you to pay money will definitely not a good choice.

It is relatively easy to know if the platform is fake or not. You can find reviews from previous users and they will tell you if the platform is really reliable or not.

Searching on a Limited Location

When you are searching for someone, you are not simply looking at the place where they lived in the past. These people can be on various places and there is a big chance that they might be abroad. If they are still alive, you need to widen your search range and don’t rely on local search engines. Try to look on a wider scale because it will be a lot easier for you.

If you know what they look like, you can easily know if you found them. Make sure that you search on a wider scale if you want to find the person you are looking for.

These are very common mistakes and you can still correct them if you want to make sure that you are not wasting your time.